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香港星彩國際有限公司(HONG KONG NICEVIEW INTERNATIONAL LIMITED)在香港創立於2003年,母公司乃新加坡星彩國際有限公司,初期業務以經銷中國、日本及新加坡各地乳膠漆為主,隨業務不斷發展,進而自建廠房製造各種水性環保乳膠漆。


  1. 品質 - 長久以來,本公司產品均以優質見稱,並力求採用高質原料和配合外國先進製煉漆油技術及設備,於生產過程中進行品質監控及流程抽查管理,以求達致優質保證,不斷研究及開發優質產品,以迎合市場不斷變化之需求。
  2. 服務 - 力求盡善盡美的客戶服務,必須有一套完整架構去維持各方的服務,本公司設有不同部門去應付不同客戶的需要,例如技術支援部之工程人員可協助客戶解決施工上的各種問題,務使對客戶提高效率的服務,並設有電腦色彩設計,客戶可以預先瀏覽油漆完成後的效果,從而挑選最稱心滿意的顏色。
  3. 環保 - 環保是現今社會發展最重要的一環,本公司亦以此為我們公司的理念,更致力發展環保無毒的產品;所有產品均符合環境保護測試,保證對身體絕無不良影響。

Company Profile

HONG KONG NICEVIEW INTERNATIONAL LIMITED was established in Hong Kong in 2003. The parent company is Singapore Niceview International Co., Ltd. The initial business was mainly distribution of latex paint in China, Japan and Singapore. Furthermore, we build our own workshops to manufacture various water-based environmentally friendly latex paints.

Company Philosophy

  1. Quality - For a long time, our products are known for high quality, and strive to use high-quality raw materials and cooperate with foreign advanced oil-refining technologies and equipment to conduct quality control and process random inspection management in the production process in order to achieve quality assurance, and Research and develop quality products to meet the changing needs of the market.
  2. Services - To strive for perfect customer service, we must have a complete structure to maintain the services of all parties. We have different departments to meet the needs of different customers. For example, the engineering staff of the technical support department can help customers solve various problems in construction. For customers to improve the efficiency of the service, and with computer color design, customers can preview the effect of the paint in advance, so as to choose the most satisfactory face.
  3. Environmental protection - Environmental protection is the most important part of social development today. We also takes this as our company's philosophy and is committed to the development of environmentally friendly and non-toxic products; all products meet environmental protection tests to ensure that there are no adverse effects on the body.

Organization Chart

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